Archer Soapworks & Apothecary

Who are we?

That's such a common question, with what feels like such a complex answer. Archer Soapworks & Apothecary started coming together in 2015, although the ideas and interests that fuel the company began as early as elementary school.  See, I love books, but I _really_ love old books.  I was so entrigued by these people that created the things they used with their own two hands- clothing, tools, soap, and even medicine. It seemed so empowering and just a little magical! That interest never seemed to fade.  So in the spring of 2015, I found myself on the receiving end of a lesson in archery technique, and a lovely 6"x3" bruise down my forearm! I had heard about the benefits of arnica for similar injuries, and happened to have come by a stash.  That evening, I made a beeswax and arnica salve, and a fledgling company was born.  

Now, we've established a selection of products made with our own two hands, just like it used to be.  We take everyday products like soap and shampoo, and rework them without all of the not-so-nice ingredients and toxic load. So many amazing products have been developed as a result of special order requests- there's a great thrill to the one-on-one aspect that working at your dreams affords.  So, I still can't pass up a good herbal text, and the creative rush of dreaming up new products never gets old, so buckle up and dig in!